Monday, April 13, 2009

It's about time

I figured since it's been a while, and my memory has started to fade from the last entry, it was time for some new pictures. These were taken on Easter morning and give the illusion that our Easter morn was filled with nothing but marshmallow bunnies and chocolate egg hunts. Do not be decieved! Let's just say we made an emergency visit to the dry cleaners with Lennix sitting naked in my car BEFORE church! I have calmed down now, I no longer see red, and I can laugh about it. But in NO WAY did I think smearing chapstick all over her brand new SILK Easter dress was funny! Just a piece of advice to every mother out there that thinks taking her kids to the railroad tracks on Easter morning BEFORE church is a good idea: IT'S NOT. There's tar. And oil. And white shoes.

There are days that I love my kids enough, that I wish I could take a snap shot of life and freeze them exactly how they are and never have them grow another day! This picture is what it would look like. All dressed up and holding hands. Ahhhhh- near perfection.

Special thanks to Wadley for capturing this sweet photo of Lennix. I have no idea what or who she is looking at, but her neck is screaming at me to take a bite out of it!!
I didn't realize Kody was such the "model" until I asked him to stand by that pole and this is was look he gave me. Really?? Did I really make such a handsome little man? How did I get so lucky?
Back to our favorite Easter spot. Why is it our favorite you are thinking?? Well for starters, no one could ever guess where this is, or how small this patch of flowers actually is by looking at this picture. This is our third year coming back to our "spot" and I think the pictures turned out great!

Maybe Jared was standing on the side of the railroad track. Maybe. But you know what? I had on HIGH shoes and I didnt want to have to take them off just for this picture. I thought it would be so cool to be in a picture with him being so much taller than me but I was wrong. It was weird and awkward and we didn't fit together like we normally do. But I like the picture anyways.
There we go... Back to our normal 5'8". Just how I like it.

I have to say Easter this year was one of the best I can remember in a long time! I mean, nothing beats a Royal Carribean Cruise line dinner with Sharalyn and my parents in Honduras, but this year was a close close close second! Dinner at my parents was delish as always, and if I wasn't too busy stuffing my mouth filled with EVERYTHING they had out, I would have taken a picture of the food. It was picture worthy! All the way down to the Lemon Soufle that Uncle Kent made. For all those wondering, no I didn't find the Golden Egg this year, but either did Scottie and that's all I really care about. Good job to Wadley though for having monkey like climbing skills and cat like reflexes and finding it! I'll only be jealous for a few more days.