Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ear Vs. Teeth

Just wanted to share something I have found and LOVE! Lennix has reached the "teething/nightmare" stage in life and I swore she had an ear infection. How could such a little angel turn into such a little "not so angel" so quickly. It had to be an ear infection right? With the help of this little monitor that checks for fluid in the middle ear, (which is what an ear infection is) I was able to forego the trip to the Urgent care late lasnight and rest assured my little angel didn't need an antibiotic. Just a little Motrin and we were good for the rest of the night. It was $49.99 (a little pricey) but WELL WORTH IT!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby Baby suck your thumb...don't forget your bubble gum

Here's the conversation as I drove Kody to school today. I think you'll appreciate the humor in this one:
(Driving by Santa Susana High school)
Kody: mom, why are they running around the track so early?
Me: In high school they have a schedule that rotates. Like one day they will have PE first and then the next day it will be second and so on....
Kody: Is that the high school I am going to go to?
Me: Maybe. (thinking to myself hell no!!!)
Kody: Is high school when I graduate?
Me: Yea, you'll graduate and then go to college
Kody: Did you graduate high school?
Me: Yea
Kody: And then what college did you go to?
Me: (kicking myself for NOT going to college!) I didn't go to college buddy
Kody: Why not?
Me:I decided to get married instead. (dumb dumb dumb!!!)
Kody: Why would you do that? Why wouldnt you go to college?
Me: I don't know. Some people go to college (like you are going to) and some people get married. Besides, I am glad I got married because I got married and then had you.
Kody: Why didnt you go to college AND have me?
Me: Because I had to get married instead of going to college so I could have a baby (totally rational thinking right?)
Kody: Women have babies all the time without being married mom. You didnt have to be married to have me. Then you could have gone to college and had a baby.
Me: I didnt want to do that. I wanted to be married before I had a baby.
Kody: why would you want to be married?
Me: (silence.....followed by more silence) I thought being married first was the right decision. I'm glad I did it that way.
Kody: Well, I am going to have a baby BEFORE I get married. That way I can go to college AND a mission!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bucky Gage Black

So Friday night Kody informed Jared and I that he would like to be called Bucky from now on.
"Do you think I could change my name to Bucky Black? I want to go by that now." All night he wouldn't respond to anything unless you said Bucky with it. (Bucky can you come sit at the table and eat your dinner? Are you getting tired Bucky?) After a few hours of this, Jared and I started to get a little more creative. Buck-a-roo. Lucky Bucky. Yucky Bucky. Buck up little camper etc.....all of which he hated. "I just want to go by Bucky Gage Black for the rest of my life. Nothing else."

Friday, September 21, 2007

Parking for new and expectant parents

So I took my mom to the Thousand Oaks mall yesterday for an early birthday lunch. As we were scouting the parking lot for a parking space my eyes came across a spot RIGHT IN THE FRONT. I quickly go down the lane in awe of my luck and pull in to the spot and start to exit the car. My mom then says to me, "You can't park here. Read the sign." (pointing to a sign that is in front of the space kind of like where a handicapped sign would be) To which I say, "It says new and expectant mother parking. I'm a new mom. I can park here. Now, lets go."

She says, "You are NOT a new mother. Lennix is 7 and 1/2 months old." I say, "Well, they don't have a specific infants age posted for when you aren't considered a "new mom" right?" She says, "3 months, maybe even 1 month I guess." I say, "That's crazy- I still consider myself a new mom. As long as I have to pack her food in a diaper bag- or even carry a diaper bag at all for that matter, I am considering myself a new mom. Now lets go!"

So we get out of the car and head to lunch. The food was delicious as always but I couldn't help but keep thinking about the conversation we had in the parking lot.

That leads me to this question? When are you not considered a "new mom?" I started thinking last night about what the word "new" means to me. I guess I think of words like inexperienced, fresh, recent ect...All of which- I would not use to describe myself when it comes to parenting. I have been a mother for 7 years!! I should not be inexperienced or fresh right? So lastnight as I was putting Lennix to bed and she was throwing up all over me for who knows what reason- I realized: I have every right to park in that spot just like the rest of the moms that have "weeks" old babies. Sure, I might have become a mom 7 years ago but I am still inexperienced and learning just like the rest of them. I have so much to learn as a mother and am eagerly looking forward to the years to come! I am grateful that God has entrusted me with his children and has allowed me to "babysit" his most precious gifts for this short time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ventura County Star

Don't you just LOVE this picture? You'll love the story behind it even more...Here it goes- So last Monday I get a note sent home from Kody's teacher saying that it was patriotic day (September 11th) the next day and to have Kody dressed in "patriotic clothing." For those of you who don't know- Kody goes to a private school where "dressing up" is considered a BIG deal. They have to wear uniforms to school so when they get a chance to wear something different- kids (and the parents) go ALL OUT! Any ways, The next morning I get Kody up for school and start gathering his "patriotic outfit" for him to wear. (I didn't have much) I found some red and white striped pajama bottoms (thanks to Grandma's Christmas tradition last year) and a blue cute off tank top. (a little WT I know, but hey- it was all I had.) As he was getting dressed I came across a package of markers and I had a brilliant idea. *Cover him in marker!* So on went the USA with stars down his arms, and then the best part- I made his face into one giant flag. He was sooooo excited and kept telling me that "he was for sure going to win!" (even though there wasn't a competition) So I picked him up from school and I said "'d it go today?" And he says "I guess I won, because I was the only kid in my class to dress up!" Leave it to me to get him all dressed up and not have anyone else do it.
So after school we had a Patriotic Walk to Remember that we had planned to participate in (very cool for those of you who love around here) and I let him keep all his garb on. We are sitting there listening to the speakers talk about 9/11 and all of a sudden a man comes on my left and squats down next to me- whips out his camera and starts snapping pics of Kody. A LOT of pics.
Kody in the mean time is NOT thinking this is very cool and starts acting like some lethargic weirdo laying on the chairs and falling off and being loud. I'm sitting there trying to get him to behave without Mr. CameraHappy thinking I am being mean. I didn't exactly want Kody to look at him and pose- but come on, he's 7. He can sit up! Then comes the real kicker- he starts to play with his gum! Stretching it in and out of his mouth meanwhile Mr.CH is snap snaping away!
So after litterally 10 minutes (no joke) and probably 100+ pictures later, he tells me that he is from the Ventura County Star and asks for Kodys information. So above is the pic of Kody that was in the paper the next day! THE GUM PICTURE!!! Only my family would have that picture picked out! Enjoy!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

13 reasons to run 13

I know what you're thinking..."Her first blog! But is it really about running?" I know, I know- kind of boring. But hey, at least I'm blogging right? I just got finished running the Disney Half Marathon today and needless to say- I had some time to think about things while I was out there on the course. It's funny where your mind starts to wander when you are out there for so long but today was one of those "A-ha" runs for me and I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you. ("you" being the 2 people that actually know I have a Blog) So at about mile 3 or 4 I saw a girl run by with a saying on the back of her shirt that read: 13 reasons to run 13 miles. Got me thinking about MY 13 reasons of why I was running today so here they go...
#1-I wanted the feeling of "accomplishment."
#2- Running has allowed me to strethen relationships in a way that I didnt know was possible.
#3- I love being a part of something. (Even if it is being a part of a group of people near the verdge of death in 100+ degree weather.)
#4- You'll never feel skinnier than after a good run. Each mile is about 100 calories being burned...1310 calories today- not bad.
#5- With 14,000 people running- I knew there was a good chance that I wouldnt be the last one to finish
#6- The more I run, the more I want to run
#7- I always feel better AFTER the run than BEFORE the run
#8- Running is cheaper than counseling. It helps keeps my marriage strong.
#9- The medal I got seriously kicks butt. It might sound lame but when they put it around my neck- I was so happy I almost started to cry.
#10- Can someone say "new shoes" every 300 miles? Guilt free shopping! First time in my life that buying new shoes can be considered a "need" instead of a "want.
#11- I've always looked up to my sister in what some people might consider an "unhealthy" way...watching Sharalyn run gives me something to strive towards. My best pace is often her worst and that's okay with me. As long as we are both striving to be better and I have her support- I'm alright.
#12- With all the love and support my family has shown me throughout this training process there isn't really a reason why I shouldn't run.
#13- Most importantly- I want my children to see their mom trying to become a better person. I want them to see a woman who is strong both physically and mentally and want to be like that themselves. I want them to have good self-esteem and to know in their souls that they are worthy of greatness!!