Monday, April 28, 2008

Drum roll please....

First and foremost, we would like to thank all the loyal bloggers that submitted names for our drawing. As you can see, there was a lot of names to choose from and Kody had the tough task to narrow it down to just one name.
After nearly an hour of going through the names, we had our top three. Lloyd, Robbie, and Zeke.
But when the time came to make his final decision- he chose ROBBIE as the bunny's name. (I find this hilarious on so many levels!) So it looks like Kaye AND Ginger will be sent something yummy from Luvbugcookies since they all suggested the name. Trust me, you'll be glad you took the time to leave a comment- they are the best cookies you'll ever eat! (Robbie is the name of a boy in his class who has ADHD and is sometimes "crazy" like the bunny, so that's why he chose that name.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Scooping up the field mice and bopping em on the head...

Let me introduce you to the only bunny left. I know what you're thinking, where did the time fly? But seriously, if I had to go out there one more morning and clean up after 7 rabbits- I was going to scream. So we called all the prospective parents and kindly told them "it was time." Off they went, one by one, (or in Janelle's case- 2 by 2) and we were left with just one little furry friend. Even Mama bunny- who by the way- started this whole fiasco was sent packing to some farm out in Moorpark. Here's the dilemma we face: The bunny doesn't have a name. This, is where you come in. I'm giving everyone out there, 72 hours to come up with as many names as you can think of that we can name our bunny. I will print out the possible choices and have Kody pick which ever name he likes the best. The winner will be chosen and sent something yummy in the mail! Go to and you will see the sweet reward the winner will be treated to. (They are a local company out here and are my latest obsession) I would love to tell you about the rabbit's personality so you can have some type of reference but really- he's (or she's) just a plain rabbit. "It" sleeps like a normal rabbit and eats like a normal rabbit, therefore taking "Sleepy" or "Eating Machine" out of the running. Just go where ever your creative juices take you and make some suggestions. You can make as many entries as your heart desires, but you only have 72 hours so you better think quick!
I have now opened my comments to any one who reads this blog. I have become an equal opportunity blog and it feels so good. I know you're out there lurking away (Aunt Donna, Sue, Norris, Jena, Kat- just to name a few ...) so go ahead...drop me a line so I know who you are. I just want to be friends and hug one out with ya.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who's your daddy?

Let me set this up:
Kody is in the living room, talking to his Nama Beach (David's mom) on speaker phone recounting his past weeks activities.
Jared is on the computer lost in his own world of Fantasy Basketball.
Here's how it went down:
Kody: Nama, when am I going to get to see you again?
Nama: I'm not sure Kody, we don't have any plans right now but all you have to do is ask your daddy and we can plan something.
Kody: But I really want to see you.
Nama: I know Kody. Just ask your dad next time you talk to him and I'm sure we can set something up
Kody: (now yelling at Jared) Daaaaaadddddd- when can I see Nama?
Jared: Maybe next weekend I guess (half confused and half humored)
Kody: (to Nama) My dad says I can maybe go next weekend.
Nama: No, Kody, why don't you ask your dad next time you talk to him and see when a good time would be for him.
Kody: Nama- he's sitting right here in the room with me. You're on speaker phone and he can hear you. Dad- tell Nama you said I can go.
Jared: We will plan something maybe for next weekend Dana.
Nama: half awkward/ half laughing....Okay thanks, I love you Kody. Bye.

Let me throw this out there first- I am not writing this for all to read to put Kody's dad down in any way. I do not want any one to think that I'm not aware or I don't respect or his position or role in Kody's life.

I love this story for so many reasons! I love it because it shows how blurred the lines of "fatherhood" can become when there is so much love in a child's life. I love how innocent Kody was while he was talking to her and still has no idea why it's so cute to me. I thank my lucky stars every day for the relationship he and Jared have. I remember after I got divorced, I would date some guys and they would quickly try and replace David. Part of me thinks that they were doing this because they thought that is what I wanted or needed. They would be at my house and be throwing Kody up in the air, making silly faces, etc...But none of it was ever genuine. And then Jared walked into my life and every thing changed.

I have seen their love for each other grow in front of my very own eyes and it has been such a blessing in my life! I remember when Jared first held Kody and how awkward he was. I remember when Kody first tried to give Jared a kiss (on the lips) and how uncomfortable that was for Jared and yet, despite that feeling, he didn't refuse such a sweet token of love from Kody.

I remember when we were dating, we would take our lunch breaks together and go and pick Kody up from pre-school and they always raced to the car. Jared always (and still does) turns everything into a race with Kody. It can be anything from picking up toys to finishing their dinner- it's always a race to the finish!

I remember when Jared bought Kody a T-shirt for Christmas and how excited Kody was to wear it. (just a little side note- the shirt is STILL too big for Kody to wear. Jared had no clue about kid's sizes back then)

I remember when Jared asked me to marry him- he promised to take care of me AND Kody and he has lived up to the promise in every sense of the word! There are times that I have felt guilty over the expenses I expect Jared to pay on Kody's behalf and he is always there to reassure me of his role in Kody's life. He is our provider and I am grateful for him always picking up some one else's slack. I've said this many times before- there is no doubt in my mind that these two had a relationship long before we came to this earth. People are often shocked that Kody calls Jared "dad" and always has. I remember telling Jared, "If you are going to act like his dad, that is what he is going to call you." The word "step" means nothing to our family. Don't get me wrong- Kody knows exactly where he came from, but in our home, we have a two dad's and two mom's. We are lucky to get a "bonus" in each department! I love you Jared, for everything you are to me and my children.

Monday, April 14, 2008


On one of the last nights of the cruise Sharalyn and I stopped by the "show" and at the end of it, they had all the staff come out so we could give them a round of applause (is that how you spell that because it looks an awful like applesauce...) When the maid service people walked out they were each holding their best made towel animals that they leave on your bed each night after they turn your bed down. They were so proud up there with their elephants, bats, snails, etc...Any ways, Sharalyn and I got to talking that night and I asked her what she would be carrying up on the stage if she had to show off her best talent. After some thought, she said she'd bring a cupcake. (for those of you that know her- you know she makes a killer cupcake!) She asked me what I would bring up and I really had to think about it. I finally said- I'm really organized. She said there was no way I could bring that (organization) onto the stage with me. I sat there stumped. Ummm...I'm really loyal. Nope- can't bring loyalty to the stage either. Darn it! What was I going to bring with me?!? (those ?!?'s were for you Justin) To be perfectly honest- I still haven't come up with what I would bring up on the stage with me. I'm going to throw this out there for all of my blogging fans- what would you bring with you? Apparently it has to be tangible and an actual "thing." Some might even call it a noun. Not a verb. Something you are really good at. So, leave me a comment and let's get to know each other a little better...

Friday, April 11, 2008

follow up:

It's no secret that my relationship with Jared's side of the family has been less than perfect. I don't want to get into all the details because really- who cares?!? Long story short- I will always be on the "outs" with his family. Jared and I have managed to brush in under the carpet for a long time because it's never been an easy subject for either of us to discuss without a huge fight being the result. So we just choose to ignore it. After all isn't ignorance bliss? But, with the upcoming "Bi-Annual Miles Family Cruise" on the horizon, things seem to have gotten a little more personal and hurtful lately.

Over the past few weeks things were increasingly getting worse and I didn't want to go on the cruise anymore. I knew there would be a huge fight and/or some one's feelings would be hurt (they always do) and I didn't want to be a part of it. Seriously, it's for 2 and 1/2 weeks and I will be stuck on a boat for heavens sake! No thank you!! So what was a girl to do? Who do I talk to? How do I tell Jared without him freaking out? Well, I do what I always do....I called Bud.

Most people might be embarrassed to admit they talk to a therapist but I am not one of those people. I love having another opinion and hearing another point of view. I sat down on the couch and unloaded. I had some things to get off my chest to say the least! He smiled. Looked at his watch (which didn't phase me or slow me down at all) and I kept going. When I was all done, he smiled again and said the following things that made every penny I was paying him to listen to me worth it!

Bud: You are not crazy.
Me: But I really think I am getting there.
Bud: You are a great catch and Jared is lucky to have you.
Me: But what if things don't work out with Jared and I? Is your son still single?
Bud: I wouldn't do that to him. You are not an option.
Me: Oh. So what do I do?
Bud: Have you ever seen wheat fields grow? They are beautiful aren't they? You know, when they get really tall and sway in the wind sdjfsjfskakjaf (if you've ever talked to Bud, you know what that means)....
Me: Uhhh, I guess so. (had no clue where this was going)
Bud: Have you ever seen the view of a wheat field from the top? In most fields, there are rock quarries. Little piles here and there in the fields. But you can't see them from our view.
Me: Okay, but back to me being crazy...
Bud: Farmers could spend a lot of time and money to excavate the rocks. But, it would be very hard labor and it really doesn't make a difference if they are there or not. The rocks don't affect the wheat from growing at all.
Me: I don't get it
Bud: Jared's family is your rock quarry. You just need to grow around it and plow that field any ways. No need to excavate the rocks or "fix" the rocks. Just focus on the crop.
Me: (crying now because this is all making sense after 5 years!) Oh.
Bud: That will be $80.

To some, this might not be that big of a deal. To someone like me who has to have everything perfect- this was a major breakthrough. I have come to terms with the fact that this is the hand I am dealt- and that's okay. Sure I don't have the relationship I think I should have with them, but that's okay. I am still a great person and my crop is still worth harvesting! We are going to be just fine!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I paid eighty bucks for this? You betcha!

This picture goes with my previous in-law post. How the two are related is fantastic and wonderful and too good to keep in myself! I will share when I have a chance to sit down and log in some computer time without a toddler climbing all over me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I now pronounce you...

For all of you that have non-psychotic in laws...consider yourself lucky!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One good thing about Progresso, Mexico is....

They have really cool wrestling masks you can buy. Priceless.