Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Consistantly Inconsistant

You want to know, so here it goes:
How was my weekend? Fan-tas-tic! Seriously, probably one of the best trips I've taken to Texas to date. You know that saying- "I can tell who you are by the company you keep?" Well, if that's true, than you would know that I am loving soul, I'm giving and hilarious. I am honest and sensitive, and thoughtful. I am kind and friendly, and I can make a mean fruit dip! I am smart and fun to be around. I give sound advice (even if someone else doesn't think so) and I am a listener. I am forgiving and empathetic. I have great style and taste. I have a house that smells great and have very soft feet. I have a testimony that may not be heard but can be seen and I love my Savior. Needless to say- I was in some of the best company one can imagine.
There were so many times when I had tears streaming down my face from laughing till I thought I might throw up this weekend. And yet somehow, I felt like I was discovering who I was deep down inside my shallow self. There isn't really a lot left to write about so I just thought I would post some pics and leave actual quotes that could be heard as the pictures were taken. "Julia, Julia- look over here!"
"There he is! I see him. He said yellow shirt and brown pants right? Yea- that's totally him!"

"Oh wait. I think that's him."
"Come on ride the train, the choo choo train..."
"All you godda do is take 23 to 118 to 405"
"Ok ready? 1...2... wait I have to back up. 1...2...hold on...1...2..."

This weekend will go down in history.

Run. and repent.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Check your self esteem at the door

Yesterday I was at my moms house saying hi to an old friend and chasing after my two children. My mom lovingly looks at me and says, "You're such a good mom Shannon." To which I reply half joking, "I know." We chat with with the friend and it hits me! Kody has a book report due. When was it due? Where is the paper with all the instructions? Shoot.

"Kody- when was your book report due?"
"What? are you serious? Why didn't you tell me?"
"I don't know. I forgot. Everyone else had theirs done today."
"Hurry up and get in the car- we have a book report to do apparently."

At this point we get in the car, and my eyes start to well up with tears. I cannot believe I forgot about this. I never forget stuff like this. The problem was that we had read the book for the report 2 weeks before it was due and I just kind of tucked it away to do another day...Big mistake. On the drive home, I start telling Kody how sorry I am and how it's not his fault etc... I should have remembered this sort of thing etc... From the back seat comes this:

"And you thought you were a good mom. Looks like you spoke too soon!"

Are you kidding me? Thanks a lot Kody. Way to kick me while I'm down. With that comment floating in my head I let the flood gates opened and the rest is history. But wait- it gets worse... Not only was it a book report- it was a book report, a poster board presentation AND an oral report that he had to do from memory! Needless to say, it was a long night.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The haps

I think "update blog" has been on my To Do list every day for the past few weeks. Lenni is sound asleep in her crib, the animals have all been fed, laundry has all been washed/folded/put away, and I've got Itunes slowly playing in the background. I'm ready to post! Sadly, things around these neck of the woods have been pretty boring. Nothing really "post worthy" if you catch my drift. So what's a girl to write about? Not much apparently. I did however, go through my camera pics the other day and found some gems that would explain what we've been up to lately so I thought I'd give it a whirl...

Here's Lennix doing what she does best. Getting herself into things she shouldn't be into in the first place, and then screaming her head off until someone helps her. What a horrible mom- I grabbed the camera first!
And you wonder how Lennix got the nickname"Passi Whore"? We don't really call her that (in public) but come on, this is proof- the girl LOVES her some passi. How am I ever going to get her to give them up? The thought of jumping that hurdle makes me break out into hives. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Here's a picture of Lennix and her buddy Kenneddee . And no, that's not a typo. She is the daughter of Ryan and Ashley Roberts and they LOVE to play together. Even though they are only a few weeks apart, Lennix thinks she is a "baby" and has to show her how to do everything. Makes for an interesting night together!

Kody ran in the Agoura Kids 1 mile race a few weeks ago and did a great job! I was so worried to let him run on a closed course that parents couldn't be on, but once again Xanax saved the day. He was so proud of himself (rightfully so) and is looking forward to entering another race again soon. Good Job D-Kodes!That's right- I've got him converted! Kody is by far the pickiest eater in our family. I could seriously list the things he eats on 2 hands. Any mention of Frozen Yogurt and the kid would start to gag. But, thanks to G-spoon, Go Yo, and P-Berry (his favorite!) he is now a FroYo kind of kid! I love having someone to keep me company in my search for some of the goodness and not to mention- he's pretty cute to look at! Is it just me, or is anyone else shocked to see how fast our kids are growing up? Then we have San Fran. What can I say? Good food, perfect weather, and the best shopping I've done in a long time! I was all excited to take pictures, but I forgot my camera almost every time we left the hotel. I loved watching the fog (makes for the best running conditions) and was shocked to see how quickly it seemed to cover the city. This picture was taken early in the morning but then the fog would burn off and we had perfect 80 degree weather during the days!

I think I might have scared the other couple we were with because as soon as we parked at Pier 39- I literally RAN across the street to get to the mini donut place. Just as good as ever! We made it to the fruit stand where you would think we would buy fruit. But not us-we bought chocolate sauce to dip my donuts! Then it was off to get a Sourdough bowl, pizza, cupcakes, ice cream sundae, and then dinner at The Stinking Rose. (And that was just in one afternoon!)
Okay, so now that I look back- we haven't really done much. I've been too busy reading everyone else's blog. Not to mention packing for the best weekend of my life! People have warned Robbie about Sharalyn and I like we are a pack of wolves waiting to devour him. Not so people- we just want to show him a good time. I love to see people's face when I say that Robbie is coming with me to Texas. (He's not actually coming WITH me, but you get the point.) People don't know what to say... I love it! And no, Jared is not coming with us, and yes, he's okay with it. (as he should be) I've already told Robbie that we will either come back as best friends or one of us will be missing a limb. It's funny how this whole blogger thing has evolved huh? I've already planned my next post: (does anyone else do that?) I have tons of friends that I haven't added to my links list yet but I know you would all love. It's in the works....

Did anyone hear about Lou Pearlman being sentenced to 25 years in prison. 300 million dollars is apparently a lot of money to steal. No wonder what's his face is waiting tables at Wood Ranch!

And last but not least...did anyone else jump off their couch when David Cook was announced as the winner? He's been my favorite for so long- I think a few tears welled up in my eyes. I even tried to talk Jared into wearing cowboy boots and cutting his hair like Davids. (not going to happen he says) And more importantly, how big a can of whoop a$$ do you think Archulletas dad is going to open on that poor kid. Luckily he gets to go on tour so he can stay away from that creep. People keep saying that his dad is just like any other Stage dad. That's the point people- Stage Anything's are psychos! Live your dreams through some one else buddy. Can you imagine the Primary Program for Archulletas ward though? " we will now have a solo by David Archulleta and then another solo by David Archulleta, followed up by another solo by David Archulleta." You know somewhere in Utah is the proudest Primary Chorister EVER!

Okay, I think I am done. See, I don't post for a long time and then BAM- I hit you with one that you will have to pace yourself reading.... I will leave you with a picture of our little buddy Squirt. Last year Sharalyn told Kody she would get him a turtle for his birthday. I go into the pet store, tell them I am taking Kody to the movies but I need 1 turtle and everything that comes with it to keep it alive when I come back. The turtle Kody picks out is the size of a silver dollar. PERFECT! We go see the movie, drive back to the pet store, walk in and ask the lady where our turtle is. She gets on the loud speaker thing and asks for assistance with the turtle. No joke... down the aisle, come a kid pushing a flat cart with a glass cage so big I had doubts it would fit in my Hummer. The cage was so big, I could hardly even see the turtle. I told them there must have been some mistake, my turtle was only this big yadadada... and they smiled and reassured me I would need a tank this big. Whatever. I hand them the credit card and she rings me up. $360 later- we have our turtle. I call Shar and ask how much she wanted to spend on the turtle. She says maybe $25 or $30. Are you kidding me? We take him home (with the help of 4 of Jareds friends) and within a few months- we have the biggest turtle you have ever seen! People are scared of him when I pull him out. Kody can no longer hold him because he's so heavy. They weren't kidding around. You know that glass tank I told you about earlier? He's outgrown that! He now lives in my kitchen or outside with Robbie and then comes in at night. He eats a small bag of veggies and a bag of lettuce 3 or 4 times a day! Well, wish me luck for this weekend. I don't want to come home with one of Robbies limbs....

Friday, May 16, 2008

It was sweet but short

I had to post something new because to be honest, I was sick of looking at the last post. I wish I had lots to write about but, in reality- I do not. Life has been pretty mundane around here with no complaints. I am headed up to San Francisco for the weekend and I'm hoping to be able to fill my blog with great pictures and stories from up North! Wish me luck- it's a road trip and I don't do well in a car for that long. Nothing a little Xanax can't take care of though right?