Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what a difference a year makes....

Whew- a whole year has gone by and I have managed to keep us all alive and relatively normal. Since I won't be here for Easter this year, I got the kiddos dressed up this past Sunday and we had an early Easter test drive. I can't believe how much has changed in just a short year! Looking back on our very first family Easter photo- I can appreciate how far we've come. A few weeks ago marked our "running anniversary" and I also hit my 100 lb weight loss mark. It was a tough year filled with many obstacles but Jared and I celebrated in typical Hambly fashion any ways- chocolate chip cookies and ice cream! Who'd of thought that Sharalyn would have sparked such an enthusiatic fire for excersize! I am grateful for her positive attitude when ever I would call her and complain and how she was always so supportive and never laughed when I told her my time in the latest race we did. The thought of Janelle, Jared and I sitting at IHOP the night before our first 5K run trying to "carbo load" still brings a smile to my face. We consumed more calories that we burned. :)

Miles Family Easter 2007

Kody 6 and Lennix 2 mos. 2007

The babes. 2007

Miles Family Easter 2008

The babes. 2008

Kody 7 and Lennix 1 year 1 month

the Mr and the Mrs. Love him. 2008
Happy Easter!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a little this and a little that

Totally random blog but I had to add something new. So here we go:
You know you've been dying to see pics of our furry friends! Well, there you go. I believe that's Excalibur. Maybe Ashley I'm not sure. I love these little guys. All 5 of them!

This is a picture of the night Jared waxed his chest/happy trail/arm pit hair. Might possibly be one of the funniest nights of my life! Straight from the 40 year old virgin I swear!!

Introducing the BABY THONG! I don't know why I decided to cut the cheeks out of her diaper but I thought it was the cutest thing EVER. Not to mention all the little baby rolls tumbling out the sides. I love it! She was such a trooper wearing that thing and letting me snap pictures! Her dad on the other hand did not think it was very funny.

Here's a picture of Kody
playing soccer this Spring. His team name is the Blue Evil Devils!
I want to know what kind of coach lets a team of out of control 7 year olds pick the team name. Seriously. I could have done without the "evil" but whatever. He is such a natural athlete.We were late for his first game (football championships) and he walked on the field and scored a goal within 5 minutes. I love his determination when he plays. It's like he plays with his whole heart! Only a few more weeks left of soccer and then weare onto something new!!!
I saved the best picture for last! This is Jared and Lennix doing one of their "tricks!" If you haven't been to my house before- let me fill you in on something- I have high ceilings. 20 feet high. She loves loves loves to be thrown up in the air like this- so I let Jared do it. Even though it makes me want to run to the bathroom and take a Xanax.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

another one bites the dust....

Sad to report that another baby bunny has been found dead. The Mommy did a good job of moving it away from the nest and staying away from it. (i have read that rabbits sometimes partake of canibalism. YUCK!) It was super super skinny and probably didnt get enough milk and died because of that. I'm no bunny expert but it was really wrinkly and the other ones are plump and round. We had a small burial service and life goes on. Bunny Watch 2008 continues.....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

You wanna know...

Some of you may know last Thursday Jared had a delivery for work and he discovered 2 bunny rabbits in the front yard of a house for sale. He asked the neighbors about the rabbits and they told him the family had lost the house and abandoned the bunnies. He came home in full blown "rescue mission" mind set and off we went to save the bunny rabbits. Friday we caught one. It literally hopped right into the cage. The other one- too scared to come near us- ran into the back yard and we never saw it again.
So we take our new bunny home, clean off our balcony, make it a nice little house, go to the pet store and ask what we need. $50 bucks later- we are ready to be good foster parents to a new bunny. We had intentions of finding it a good home. Our house was just going to be a "holding Zone" if you will.
Saturday comes- we give it the proper care it needs. Food, water, hay, etc...he seems healthy and happy.
Sunday- same thing. Healthy and Happy
Monday- same thing.
Tuesday-same thing.
Wednesday- Not the same thing. Kody goes out to feed him in the morning and mentions to me that he saw a big patch of fur in its cage. Jared and I go out to investigate and indeed see a large patch of fur. Im afraid he hurt himself on something in our back yard but cant figure out what for the life of me. I call Sharalyn around 2:30 pm as I'm standing at the sliding glass door watching the rabbit. I mention to her the patch of fur and how Jared says they probably "shed" their coats in the spring. (note to who ever is reading this- they do NOT shed their coats in the spring!) I leave to go pick up Kody from school.I return home around 3:15 pm and tell Kody to go feed the animals. (we have a turtle too) I look outside and notice the fur is bigger. The rabbit seems to be eating/licking the fur. what the ???....
I go outside to discover... HE is a SHE and SHE just had BABIES!!! I honestly dont know what to do. She hops out of the cage and I am in complete shock! Kody screams because "Shadow" is all bloody and I have to give him a quick recap on "rabbits apparently have popcorn babies too".
I go back to the pet store and they remember me..."nice to see you were the one who rescued that rabbit from the's he doing?" "SHE is doing fine...after giving birth...!" What do I do now?!? I slap down another $50 bucks and go home to make her a "nesting box" and rip the down comforter off my bed and make her home and little more "homey". (it's the least I can do after ripping her away from her husband and home just days before she is about to give birth right???)

This honestly would not happen to any one else but us! Here I just wanted to be nice and take care of a little rabbit for a couple of weeks and BAM- I get an "insta-rabbit-farm" over night! They are pretty cute though. Tiny tiny tiny. No bigger than your pinky finger. I've taken a few pics but I'm trying to stay away as much as possible to let nature take it's course. She gave birth to 7 but one has died. The other 6 are moving/kicking and making tiny little rabbit noises. She is an amazing mommy rabbit. Mother nature is awesome. We love to sit and watch her take care of them, clean them, feed them, and protect them. (it was a little tricky trying to remove the dead one but Jared did awesome!) So there you have it. No I am not pregnant- and either is my rabbit any more. :P If I were pregnant you would not be reading it on Blogger. You would be hearing it outside because I would be shouting it from the moutain tops! :) Nothing says Happy Easter like 6 little black bunnies right???

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


you'll never guess what happened today.
go ahead. take a guess.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Criss Cross Applesauce

I decided a couple weeks ago to get a permanent baby sitter for Lenni on Mondays and Wednesdays. It has been the best thing for my sanity but also allows me to spend more time with Kody. Yesterday we decided to hike the cross in Simi. It was such a beautiful day we HAD to take advantage of the great weather!!

You can see the cross at the top of the hill...we had a ways to go! Kody was so good about not "rushing" up there. We stopped to check out some plants and "jewels" (broken glass on the ground). We especially loved to stop and turn around and see all the progress we were making!

WE MADE IT! We only stayed at the top for about 15 minutes due to the wind- but we had a good time checking out the view.

I love this picture and I love this kid! I am grateful for the relationship I have with him and how special he makes me feel on a daily basis.