Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a little this and a little that

Totally random blog but I had to add something new. So here we go:
You know you've been dying to see pics of our furry friends! Well, there you go. I believe that's Excalibur. Maybe Ashley I'm not sure. I love these little guys. All 5 of them!

This is a picture of the night Jared waxed his chest/happy trail/arm pit hair. Might possibly be one of the funniest nights of my life! Straight from the 40 year old virgin I swear!!

Introducing the BABY THONG! I don't know why I decided to cut the cheeks out of her diaper but I thought it was the cutest thing EVER. Not to mention all the little baby rolls tumbling out the sides. I love it! She was such a trooper wearing that thing and letting me snap pictures! Her dad on the other hand did not think it was very funny.

Here's a picture of Kody
playing soccer this Spring. His team name is the Blue Evil Devils!
I want to know what kind of coach lets a team of out of control 7 year olds pick the team name. Seriously. I could have done without the "evil" but whatever. He is such a natural athlete.We were late for his first game (football championships) and he walked on the field and scored a goal within 5 minutes. I love his determination when he plays. It's like he plays with his whole heart! Only a few more weeks left of soccer and then weare onto something new!!!
I saved the best picture for last! This is Jared and Lennix doing one of their "tricks!" If you haven't been to my house before- let me fill you in on something- I have high ceilings. 20 feet high. She loves loves loves to be thrown up in the air like this- so I let Jared do it. Even though it makes me want to run to the bathroom and take a Xanax.


Anonymous said...

Do I need to call child services for more than just throwing a child 20 ft in the air? I mean for borderline child porn. J/K. Only you would have thought to make a baby-thong out of a diaper.

the mrs. said...

too funny Shannon. I can't believe how big your kiddos are!

Robbie said...

Jared...I feel for ya...believe me I do.

Please read my post on word verification.

redstarmama said...

I think this is the funniest, most random collection of pictures I have ever seen. Bunnies, waxing, soccer and things, all in one post. Even better than Shar's cruisewear post! ;)

Ryan said...

Allowing Jared to throw her in the air seems like fitting payment for the baby thong experience. We live in a give and take world.

Walters Family said...

It's ME, your BFF from Simi like 20 years ago! I saw your blog on Elisa's and checked it out! Your are still amazing! Congrats on the 100 lbs weight loss! You look fabulous and you have the cutest little family! Its good to see that you still have a love for rabbits... I still remember the good ol days in Simi letting your huge gray rabbit escape and then the adventures of trying to find it before your dad got home. Im excited to get back in touch with you! Our blog is codyandbeth@blogspot.com
Love ya!

Walters Family said...

Its your long lost BFF from Simi about 20 years ago! I saw your blog on Elisa's. You have the CUTEST little family and you look FABULOUS!! You have just inspired me start running again! Way to go! Good to see you still have the love for rabbits! I remember so well the days when we would let your big grey rabbit escape and the advantures of trying to find it before your dad got home. Im excited to be back in touch! Love ya! Bethany codyandbeth@blogspot.com