Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Consistantly Inconsistant

You want to know, so here it goes:
How was my weekend? Fan-tas-tic! Seriously, probably one of the best trips I've taken to Texas to date. You know that saying- "I can tell who you are by the company you keep?" Well, if that's true, than you would know that I am loving soul, I'm giving and hilarious. I am honest and sensitive, and thoughtful. I am kind and friendly, and I can make a mean fruit dip! I am smart and fun to be around. I give sound advice (even if someone else doesn't think so) and I am a listener. I am forgiving and empathetic. I have great style and taste. I have a house that smells great and have very soft feet. I have a testimony that may not be heard but can be seen and I love my Savior. Needless to say- I was in some of the best company one can imagine.
There were so many times when I had tears streaming down my face from laughing till I thought I might throw up this weekend. And yet somehow, I felt like I was discovering who I was deep down inside my shallow self. There isn't really a lot left to write about so I just thought I would post some pics and leave actual quotes that could be heard as the pictures were taken. "Julia, Julia- look over here!"
"There he is! I see him. He said yellow shirt and brown pants right? Yea- that's totally him!"

"Oh wait. I think that's him."
"Come on ride the train, the choo choo train..."
"All you godda do is take 23 to 118 to 405"
"Ok ready? 1...2... wait I have to back up. 1...2...hold on...1...2..."

This weekend will go down in history.

Run. and repent.


Jeff and Amy Barlow said...

Hey! It was fun to see you this past weekend. And I'm so glad that the whole weekend with Robbie went so well for ya'll!

When you have a sec, will you email me those photos of the curtains? Thanks for taking them for me. My email address is: amy.barlow@sbcglobal.net

I'm looking forward to coming to Cali...but am sad that you won't be there. Maybe next time?

Take care!

Robbie said...

First of all great post. Secondly I'm glad that all three of our posts were completely different. I got to relive this weekend from all 3 perspectives. And lastly I still can't believe you're mad about the hair comment. Come on I was HELPING you!! Good times.

redstarmama said...

I hope the other trips we talked about outside Anthropologie will go as well as the mini-mixer! Have fun on the big boat!

Jennie said...

So did Robbie wear the yellow shirt just to be easily identified? It seems like it would make him stand out in a crowd.

Robbie said...

No it was just a fashionable shirt. And I wasn't sure if they would remember what i looked like or not. I tried to explain that i would be the "strikingly handsome one" on the plane but apparently that wasnt enough for them.