Sunday, June 15, 2008

And we're off...

That's right- it's time for our European Vacation as planned. First stop- my doctors office for a new RX of the good stuff. I sit in her office and explain to her my situation and to make a long story short- it ends with her writing me the script and leaving me with these words "I'll pray for you!" Nice. I leave with the script in hand. Smiles.

We leave for the airport at 3:0o in the morning. to catch our 6 o'clock flight. Did I mention it was an international flight? Apparently you are supposed to be there a couple hours ahead of time. Who knew. It was a mad dash at the ticket counter with the wonderful Delta employees giving all 11 of us a lengthy lecture on time management. We make it to the gate just in time to board. Perfect. Smooth sailing (pardon the pun) from here right?

Well, it would have been without the 10 year old who sat behind me and bounced his seat back table (which is actually part of MY CHAIR) for a few hours as I tried to sleep. I gave him the stink eye a few times hoping he would pick up on my annoyance. No such luck. He finally stopped when I yelled at him to stop. Hey- if his parents aren't going to say something- I am. He finally fell asleep and I got to watch Mr. Woodcock in peace. (which by the way, is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time! I will be quoting it for a long time to come I'm sure!)

We land in NYC for our 3 hour layover. No big right? WRONG! 3 hours is a long time to sit around and do nothing. I mean, how much Duty Free perfume and weird looking chocolates can one purchase? Then the time comes for our flight to board. I hear a faint pitter patter out the window. What could that be? Rain? How could that be- It's 80 degrees outside for heavens sake! They let us board any ways and the rain starts to pour creating huge puddles everywhere. I look out my window and watch it come down and then FLASH! Lighting. Every where! Captain comes on and announces the worst. Category 5 thunderstorm. We could be here all night. And we were. Somewhere in my Unisom/Xanax/Vicodin haze, I remember looking at the clock and realized we had been sitting on the tarmac for over 5 hours now! This has got to be hell I thought. We wait for the storm to pass and get the green light from God and we're good to go. Praise Sweet Jesus!

We land in Rome and we literally have 2 hours exactly to get on the boat before they leave without us. Buckle up and hold on cuz it's gonna be a quick trip. We made it through customs, managed to get all 11 people and our 22 large bags and 22 carryons stuffed into 2 Mini Vans. God bless Italy for not having speed limits. We pulled into the port with 1 minute to spare.

So we made it. My body doesn't know what time it is, or what day it is for that matter. (I can always just look in the elevator to find out right?) I made it through one meal with the family and no one got hurt. Next stop is Mykonos, Greece. I'm so excited to see that place. I hope it is what I picture in my mind. Lots of white buildings, perfect beaches, get the point.



Beardall Family said...

WOW! I didn't know this was going to be a European cruise. Fun! Or maybe not... Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. I'm sure it won't be near as classic as the last cruise you went on. See if Jared will pose with you for some of those after dinner formal pictures.

redstarmama said...

Please eat lots of yummy food in Greece and think of me. If Greek food agrees with Xanax, that is. Have a great trip, no matter what! Or who, for that matter.

the mrs. said...

Off to an exciting start already!!!! Have fun, can't wait to hear more un family stories

Juli said...

Wow, i'm suddenly feeling really tired and ready to fall asleep on a beautiful white sand beach. ENJOY!