Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Super size, Super Man, Super Paradise

I would love to write about all the wonderful things I did yesterday while we were at sea. But, truth be told- Jared and I slept until 5:00pm!! How lucky is our cleaning room guy? Seriously, I think all that Xanax caught up to me (not sure why Jared was so tired though... hmmmmm) I made it to dinner in some sort of haze. It was "wear matching dresses night" for the Miles family girls. Except me. No one told me about the theme. Nor would I really care. So they all got dressed up in black and blue and I wandered in wearing the cutest white and black pin stripe dress and red patent leather red heels you've ever seen. While standing in line to take the ever famous family photo- 3 different women gave me a compliment on my dress. TAKE THAT! Matching my .... (censored for my mom)

So, now I'm in Greece. Nothing like I had imagined but beautiful in it's own right. We didn't have that much time here or an excursion planned for that matter so we thought we would just ask around and see what people recommend. Everyone kept telling us the same place to go. A beach called Paradise. 10 minute taxi ride to the south side of the island. We won't be disappointed. We wait in line for a taxi and start talking to some locals. We tell them about our plan for "Paradise" and they tell us how there is a beach just 10 minutes further away called "Super Paradise." Well, who wants to settle for just paradise when there is a "Super" to be had? No us. We take Jesse (Jareds 18 year old brother) along with us and head to "Super Paradise." 12 Euros later the taxi cab driver tells us to walk down this tiny walk way and we'll be there. Little did we know what we were walking into. Apparently in Greek "Super" means "nude." It was Jesse's dream come true. We (Jesse and Jared) decide we should stay so we set up camp as close to the water as possible. Less scenery to look at. Or so I thought. It's hot here, so all the nude women and men decide to play in the water. The locals here where the tiniest bikinis you could imagine and still roll them up to make them even smaller! At one point I tell Jared and Jesse that they better control themselves or I am going to throw down. Sickos! I tell both of them to lay on their stomachs and NOT GET UP! That is until the huge breasted (Robbie- you'd be in HEAVEN) woman lays down in one beach chair together with her speedo wearing boyfriend and they both undress and begin to ... whats the word???.... Neck? I dont know. It wasnt making out and it wasnt sex. Some where in between. We were so close to them I seriously could have touched them. Ewww!! I had had enough. I need a Diet Coke and a taxi. Stat.

We made our way back to the boat and Jared and Jesse are both resting peacefully after their cold showers. It's onto Turkey tomorrow and we have high hopes!! Wish us luck and keep those prayers coming. I've made it through 2 family dinners and no one's gone over board!!


redstarmama said...

Shannon, you're my hero! And I think there are less nude places in Turkey. Lots of old religious buildings, but not much of the naked stuff.

Steve and Janelle said...

hahahahahahahah....nasty. Nothing a diet coke can't cure though.

Robbie said...

I love it! Keep 'em coming.