Thursday, June 19, 2008

Greese or Greece?

Short post today because well, after our experience yesterday- nothings going to compare. We took a bus to some beach and played. I convinced 2 of my sister in laws to go with me on a "Ring-O" and be pulled across the Mediterranean Sea behind a boat. How many times is that going to happen in my life right? Lots of sun, lots of sun tan oil, and well of course- lots of boobies again. (It's been great research for the day I decide to upgrade from the current breasts that I have now)

Made it back to the boat and into our cave (no widow or balcony) and slept until dinner. Lovin the cruise life where time literally stands still. I asked Jared what day it was today and he had no clue. Asked around the people sitting next to us- no clue either. Waiter? Not even close. It's like the days are blending together and we're being sucked into naps in our bed every second we get!

Cyprus tomorrow. Not a clue what that's all about. Should be interesting.

Oh- and if you could- throw up an extra prayer for Shar and her family. The stories almost too good to write about and I don't want to spoil a good post for her so please, just pray. Sometimes that's all there is to do.

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Steve and Janelle said...

I want a nap...sounds like you guys are having a great time. By the way, today is Friday...My prayers are with Sharalyn, whatever the reason.