Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bucky Gage Black

So Friday night Kody informed Jared and I that he would like to be called Bucky from now on.
"Do you think I could change my name to Bucky Black? I want to go by that now." All night he wouldn't respond to anything unless you said Bucky with it. (Bucky can you come sit at the table and eat your dinner? Are you getting tired Bucky?) After a few hours of this, Jared and I started to get a little more creative. Buck-a-roo. Lucky Bucky. Yucky Bucky. Buck up little camper etc.....all of which he hated. "I just want to go by Bucky Gage Black for the rest of my life. Nothing else."


redstarmama said...

Tell Bucky that Declan and Bingo say hi.

Steve and Janelle said...

Bucky, huh? Why didn't you think of that when he was born? So much more distinguished than Kody. said...

Bucky Black is a good step towards becoming a real cowboy. I think you should get him some shooting lessons and a ten gallon hat.