Friday, September 21, 2007

Parking for new and expectant parents

So I took my mom to the Thousand Oaks mall yesterday for an early birthday lunch. As we were scouting the parking lot for a parking space my eyes came across a spot RIGHT IN THE FRONT. I quickly go down the lane in awe of my luck and pull in to the spot and start to exit the car. My mom then says to me, "You can't park here. Read the sign." (pointing to a sign that is in front of the space kind of like where a handicapped sign would be) To which I say, "It says new and expectant mother parking. I'm a new mom. I can park here. Now, lets go."

She says, "You are NOT a new mother. Lennix is 7 and 1/2 months old." I say, "Well, they don't have a specific infants age posted for when you aren't considered a "new mom" right?" She says, "3 months, maybe even 1 month I guess." I say, "That's crazy- I still consider myself a new mom. As long as I have to pack her food in a diaper bag- or even carry a diaper bag at all for that matter, I am considering myself a new mom. Now lets go!"

So we get out of the car and head to lunch. The food was delicious as always but I couldn't help but keep thinking about the conversation we had in the parking lot.

That leads me to this question? When are you not considered a "new mom?" I started thinking last night about what the word "new" means to me. I guess I think of words like inexperienced, fresh, recent ect...All of which- I would not use to describe myself when it comes to parenting. I have been a mother for 7 years!! I should not be inexperienced or fresh right? So lastnight as I was putting Lennix to bed and she was throwing up all over me for who knows what reason- I realized: I have every right to park in that spot just like the rest of the moms that have "weeks" old babies. Sure, I might have become a mom 7 years ago but I am still inexperienced and learning just like the rest of them. I have so much to learn as a mother and am eagerly looking forward to the years to come! I am grateful that God has entrusted me with his children and has allowed me to "babysit" his most precious gifts for this short time.


redstarmama said...

I love those parking spots! And love Lenni's black Chucks! Greer has shimmery pink ones right now!

Steve and Janelle said...

I say use it for as long as you can! I have thought about having another baby just to try it out. Kinda like the Baby Einstein activity thing that Lennix has. You're doing a great job being a mommy by the way.