Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ear Vs. Teeth

Just wanted to share something I have found and LOVE! Lennix has reached the "teething/nightmare" stage in life and I swore she had an ear infection. How could such a little angel turn into such a little "not so angel" so quickly. It had to be an ear infection right? With the help of this little monitor that checks for fluid in the middle ear, (which is what an ear infection is) I was able to forego the trip to the Urgent care late lasnight and rest assured my little angel didn't need an antibiotic. Just a little Motrin and we were good for the rest of the night. It was $49.99 (a little pricey) but WELL WORTH IT!


gingerdee said...

great recommendation! that's the most annoying thing about ear infections...there is no way to really know w/o a trip to the doctor. well, until now apparently! glad Lennix didn't have an ear infection & I hope she feels better soon.

Steve and Janelle said...

Good find! You should get a kick back for your infomercial. Glad she doesn't have an ear infection...those suck.