Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby Baby suck your thumb...don't forget your bubble gum

Here's the conversation as I drove Kody to school today. I think you'll appreciate the humor in this one:
(Driving by Santa Susana High school)
Kody: mom, why are they running around the track so early?
Me: In high school they have a schedule that rotates. Like one day they will have PE first and then the next day it will be second and so on....
Kody: Is that the high school I am going to go to?
Me: Maybe. (thinking to myself hell no!!!)
Kody: Is high school when I graduate?
Me: Yea, you'll graduate and then go to college
Kody: Did you graduate high school?
Me: Yea
Kody: And then what college did you go to?
Me: (kicking myself for NOT going to college!) I didn't go to college buddy
Kody: Why not?
Me:I decided to get married instead. (dumb dumb dumb!!!)
Kody: Why would you do that? Why wouldnt you go to college?
Me: I don't know. Some people go to college (like you are going to) and some people get married. Besides, I am glad I got married because I got married and then had you.
Kody: Why didnt you go to college AND have me?
Me: Because I had to get married instead of going to college so I could have a baby (totally rational thinking right?)
Kody: Women have babies all the time without being married mom. You didnt have to be married to have me. Then you could have gone to college and had a baby.
Me: I didnt want to do that. I wanted to be married before I had a baby.
Kody: why would you want to be married?
Me: (silence.....followed by more silence) I thought being married first was the right decision. I'm glad I did it that way.
Kody: Well, I am going to have a baby BEFORE I get married. That way I can go to college AND a mission!


gingerdee said...

love the logic...what an excellent teaching moment. I hope the conversation continued with a long and detailed discussion about the law of chastity, temple covenants, and personal worthiness. that probably would have made things crystal clear, don't ya think? :D good for him for mentioning the mission! doesn't sound too interested in marriage though--go figure! Maybe when he's 8....

tearoffyourownhead@gmail.com said...

Having kid while on your mission would make things so much easier. I wish I had thought of that, Darn!

Anonymous said...

He may be on to something ditching the whole marriage thing. :) Love that kid!

spencer said...

Bucky Gage Black has his life all planned out. Aren't you so proud?!?
~Heather Talley

Juli said...

I say he should ditch the whole college thing and move right along on the baby thing! Let's get things movin here....times a wastin'! scary thought!!!