Monday, September 3, 2007

13 reasons to run 13

I know what you're thinking..."Her first blog! But is it really about running?" I know, I know- kind of boring. But hey, at least I'm blogging right? I just got finished running the Disney Half Marathon today and needless to say- I had some time to think about things while I was out there on the course. It's funny where your mind starts to wander when you are out there for so long but today was one of those "A-ha" runs for me and I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you. ("you" being the 2 people that actually know I have a Blog) So at about mile 3 or 4 I saw a girl run by with a saying on the back of her shirt that read: 13 reasons to run 13 miles. Got me thinking about MY 13 reasons of why I was running today so here they go...
#1-I wanted the feeling of "accomplishment."
#2- Running has allowed me to strethen relationships in a way that I didnt know was possible.
#3- I love being a part of something. (Even if it is being a part of a group of people near the verdge of death in 100+ degree weather.)
#4- You'll never feel skinnier than after a good run. Each mile is about 100 calories being burned...1310 calories today- not bad.
#5- With 14,000 people running- I knew there was a good chance that I wouldnt be the last one to finish
#6- The more I run, the more I want to run
#7- I always feel better AFTER the run than BEFORE the run
#8- Running is cheaper than counseling. It helps keeps my marriage strong.
#9- The medal I got seriously kicks butt. It might sound lame but when they put it around my neck- I was so happy I almost started to cry.
#10- Can someone say "new shoes" every 300 miles? Guilt free shopping! First time in my life that buying new shoes can be considered a "need" instead of a "want.
#11- I've always looked up to my sister in what some people might consider an "unhealthy" way...watching Sharalyn run gives me something to strive towards. My best pace is often her worst and that's okay with me. As long as we are both striving to be better and I have her support- I'm alright.
#12- With all the love and support my family has shown me throughout this training process there isn't really a reason why I shouldn't run.
#13- Most importantly- I want my children to see their mom trying to become a better person. I want them to see a woman who is strong both physically and mentally and want to be like that themselves. I want them to have good self-esteem and to know in their souls that they are worthy of greatness!!


gingerdee said...

wow! great first Blog...very deep. I never knew running could be so thought provoking, but I guess it really would be theraputic, just running & thinking without the distraction of a million other things that usually crowd our thoughts on a normal day. what a great accomplishment...the run AND the blog. I've been checking this page for a week!! Now I will just be patiently waiting for some pictures to accompany the commentary! by the way, you're a great writer.
p.s. I miss you! haven't seen you forever!

Amber said...

lets just get this out there, you know I am gonna check your blog and I am hopin' you check mine.... Juli told me about this marathon and we are SOOOOO in. I have started some lame attempts of running, its kicking my butt, in the very true sense. What are the secrets???

redstarmama said...

I love your reasons for running! You make me want to go out and run, and I can honestly say no one has ever inspired that particular desire in me ever in my whole life!