Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lesson: Life Teacher: Trees

I think of some pretty of the wall things while running. Some things are funny, some strange, and some of my lifes most valuable lessons have been taught to me while running. The teacher today? Trees.I thought I would share. Lesson #1 Picture this: Small-"ish" sized tree planted in the front yard. In weeks past the owners had placed some metal stakes and wires on the bottom half of the tree to keep the tree standing upright and growing strong. Then came the wonderful Santa Anna winds that Simi Valley is known for. The owners have now added some rope on the upper half of the tree and more stakes. This tree isn't going anywhere! Some might see this tree and not think anything of it. I ran by and started crying. (no surprise right) I thought about how similar I am to this tree. When I was young, my parents anchored those metal stakes and wires to me to secure my roots, and make sure I was going to stand up straight and grow strong. Then, there were times that I needed "rope" and more stakes to keep me grounded. My parents always made sure that I was supported in the right ways so that I could grow the best. Some might look at all those ropes and wires and think that they are holding the tree down. I look back at my life and know that those wires and stakes are holding that tree up. Thanks mom and dad. Love you. (I know you read my blog) Lesson #2: Next tree- I saw a huge huge huge tree growing in someone's backyard. The tree was thick and strong. But one of the branches was almost touching the ground. It hadn't snapped or been broken because of the wind- it had grown like this. The leaves and smaller branches that were growing on the outer part of the branch were just too heavy for it to stay upright. It was so weighed down from the leaves and stuff, it was growing and bending downward. Once again, I thought about my life. How often I let drama and negativity weigh my spirit (branches) down. Instead of getting rid of those things and continuing to grow upright- I bend my branch and learn to keep moving with those things weighing me down. Soon, my spirit will be so close to the ground just like this tree branch if I let it. Time to shake those bad feelings, and negativity so I can grow upright and be strong. No need to be weighed down. Life is too short to worry about the small things. I taught a lesson in YW's this last week on Optimism. The hand out that came with the lesson said- "Smile and be happy: There's no reason not to." Oh, how many times I feel like I could make a very good and strong argument with this! But in reality, I have a home, a family, and food to eat. I'm so far ahead of the game!


Anonymous said...

I'm printing this out right now. I will be quoting you the next talk or lesson I have to give. I'm serious.

edmundsfam said...

Wow. And all I think about is what I am going to eat when I get home. Hmmm.

Steve and Janelle said...

Running....good for the body, good for the soul.