Friday, October 19, 2007

Brace Face

Here's how the diddy went down:
Little girl- Why do you have braces?
Me- So that I can have nice straight teeth like you
Little girl- My brother has braces
Me- Oh, thats nice.
Little girl- He got them put on when he was in third grade
Me- Wow. That is really cool
Little girl- He's 17 now!

Are you kidding me? Someone has got to talk to Dr. Z or I'm in trouble!


edmundsfam said...

Yeah, remember when you thought you were going to get them off before your baby shower? At least the gaping whole from where he pulled out a perfectly good tooth closed up, right? Or did it? Wow. you are screwed. Good luck with that.

gingerdee said...

who's Dr. Z?