Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Hump Day

I heart: conversations with my sister that start out with "There's a black boy in Cali's class..."
I heart: Lil' Rounders from Carvel Ice cream.
I heart: Bobby Fisher.
I heart: Kody dedicating the song Bleeding Love to me.
I heart: real friends that withstand the test of time. And then some.
I heart: reading a good book.
I heart: my new couches.
I heart: cool weather.
I heart: truth.
I heart: siesta with Jared.
I heart: carpool at Kodys school.
I heart: high fives from Lennix. MmmmK.
I heart: my iPod shuffle.
I heart: my Steve Madden Boots.
I heart: family.


redstarmama said...

What are your new couches like? And what happened to the cute old ones?

S.Miles said...

Two words: Big and Brown. Three words: Big, Brown and Leather. Pretty much sums it up. Jared got to pick them out. Can you believe I let that happen? He turned into the couch Nazi all of a sudden when we were looking for new ones and I had had enough. Gave in and Whamo- first store we go to- he picks the new ones out! The old couches (I will blame you calling them "cute" for probably not seeing them in a while. "old and cheap" are more like it) are living in our garage waiting to have their pictures taken so I can sell them on Craigslist.

redstarmama said...

I have some old and cheap but formerly cute couches, myself. Sadly, mine are still in my living room, awaiting the day when I own a house I can put good furniture in. Good thing you like the ones Jared picked out. You can't escape from a couch you don't like.

Wendy said...

Hey there! This is Wendy Montgomery. I'm responding to your comment on my blog about Rock Star Nails and wanting me to possibly come down this weekend for your girls weekend. Can you call me and give me more info about that? 661-587-3365. Or email me at Is this taking place in Simi? I grew up there and my parents are still there. I'm in Bakersfield, so not too far away. I look forward to hearing from you!