Monday, September 22, 2008

Ketchup, Catsup, Catch Up

I dont know where the time goes! Just when I think I have things under control and things will start to calm down- we get packages in the mail, cousins that come over to play, football games to go to, and naps to take! Lets start with my biggest challenge. Miss Lennix!! This girl is the laughter of our home! When I went to get her the other day from her nap, this is how I found her. Does anyone else think this is a problem?? She has got to be one of the funniest children I have ever met. Her personality is so fun and light- it's contagious. She sparkles as she walks, and demands all the attention in the room. (And usually gets it!)This is her latest "smile" and I can't help but laugh when I see her doing it. Who needs to say "cheeeessseee" when you have this?!?
Next up: Ayla Alden! I got to watch this little snuggle bug one day while Scott and Casey were at work and it only took about 3 seconds before Jared scooped her up and announced- "I want another baby." We had just had "the talk" the night before and had decided we were not going to have another baby. So much for that talk. All plans went out the window as soon as Ayla landed in our arms! We love you little Missy!
Then we got the mail. FedEx delivered boxes from AUNNIE!!! Yeah!!!! How fun it was to open these boxes with my kids and see the look of pure joy on their faces as they saw what she had sent them. Cups, plates, bubbles, Webkinz, candy, stickers, etc... She had it all in there! Why did she send all this stuff you might wonder? Because that's what Aunnie does. She is so great at spoiling my kids and making them feel special. I am grateful for a sister who is thoughtful enough to include my children in fun things like this! We love you Aunnie!!

Can you guess what thing Lennix liked the best? STICKERS! Apparently the stickers Aunnie bought were on the $1 aisle, so she grabbed a bunch and packed them in. Here's the best part- they were scented! Vanilla if I remember correctly. But come on- they were on the dollar aisle. I couldnt smell vanilla if my life depended on it. It was more like a spicy pine scent. Very weird. But Lennix didn't care (obviously) and they were a HUGE hit!! Thanks again Aunnie!
Last we have FOOTBALL! This past Saturday Kody's football team played Agoura and the whole family got to go cheer him on. His team played good and by the end of the fourth quarter we were tied 6-6. Perfect! We all go home winners I thought. I thought wrong. Just as we packed up we heard the announcer come over the loud speaker to announce "sudden death over time!" Are you kidding me?
So here's how it works: you get 4 plays starting on the 10 yard line, and try to score. If one team doesnt get in the end zone, but the other team does, you lose. Needless to say, I was in a full blown panic at this point!
Our team goes first. 1st run of the over time, we score a touchdown! YES YES YES!!! My prayers have been answered. Now it's Agouras turn to answer. First down, incomplete. Second down, tackled and no yards gained. Third down, incomplete. Fourth down (their LAST chance) the quarterback decides to run it in HIMSELF and he's heading straight for my baby! Now, I should mention, Kody LOVES football but he doesnt like to tackle. He will shoulder someone, and push, but when it comes to hanging on and dragging them down- well, he leaves that for the rest of the team. Although he does stand at the side of the pile and trash talk. Great sportsmanship right?!? Any ways- Fourth down, QB running at my baby...and he does it! Kody MAKES THE TACKLE and we WIN the game! He jumped up with his arms in the air yelling "Yea Baby" for a good 5 minutes! I was so proud of him. All those hours of practices we go to watching him and chasing Lennix around Berylwood park, the stinky uniforms I beg for him to let me wash, the hours we drive to and from games- It was all worth it for that play right there! Way to go Patriots!


carly said...

how cute! all of it! the pictures of lennix, scott and casey's baby, and kody's game! i love it all!

redstarmama said...

At least Lennix's new smile is cute, and actually looks like a smile. It could be worse. It could be as ugly as Greer's friendly face.

Also, Ayla would make anyone want to have another baby, so I totally don't blame Jared. It's all the hard work you guys have to go through to get the baby that would cause a second thought.

And finally, awesome sports photography of Kody Black, star athlete! Go, Kody, go!

Beardall Family said...

Is your daughter the cutest or what?!? Seriously, you've got to have another!! :) That smile makes me LOL. What a great sis you have!! In so many ways besides just sending stickers. Now for Kody in football. I didn't think they even had tackle football until they were in at least Jr High. They are so little! Way to go Kody. Leave it to big bro wanting to protect his little sis.

payneinthe... said...

I got the chills just reading about the game. Awesome! your family is so cute and good luck with that new baby thing. Better you than me.

Shalayna said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! Kody looks awesome playing football. Do Jared and him talk sports now?? Nothing is cuter than a father and his son enjoying sports together :) And Ayla is a mini Lennix. She is too cute. They are all too cute!!!!

Jaimee said...

Kody looks so darn cute in that football uniform. I bet he loves it. Even though my Saturdays are crazy busy with sports I love every minute of it.
Have fun this weekend. My sister said shes coming down to do rock star toes they are awesome. You guys will love them.

Shad Hopkins Photography said...

Where's the pictures of Kody on his BMX bike?

Shad Hopkins Photography said...

Where's the pictures of Kody on his BMX bike?