Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Konichiwa (pronounced Koh-NEECH-ee-wah)

So last night our family was together running some Christmas errands. Jared and Kody decided they wanted ice cream so I dropped them off at the curb and Lennix and I drove around for a bit. When Kody gets back in the car- this is the conversation we have:

K- Mom, the owner of that store is like Chinese or something!!!
M- Did you say hello to him?
K- No way!
M- Why not?
K- He probably doesn't even speak English.
M- How do you know since you didn't talk to him?
K- If I tried talking to him, he wouldn't know what I was saying and he would think I was going to beat him up or something.
M- Why do you think that?
K- Chinese people just stare at me so they must think I am going to beat them up and they are afraid of me.
M- So what did you do?
K- Just stared at him the whole time. When I walked out- he just smiled at me like a Chinese person.

Apparently Kody has the ability to scare an entire Ethnic group. He's super tough. We're going to work on this and try to channel his energy elsewhere.


Stephanie said...

Kody rocks, love his honesty!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH. Through the eyes of a child. He never ceases to amaze me. Luv that guy!! luv mom

Juli said...

Kody's a funny boy....... He is right though, Chinese people do stare.......

carly said...

that was probably one of the funniest entries ever! i love it. it's fun to hear things kody does and see pictures and then remember him when before you and jared even got married. what a change!

4kids2luv said...

Hey the kid is honest! Now what does he say about my "mexican" son? HA HA