Thursday, November 27, 2008

Team Thanksgiving

We've been in Texas since Sunday having too much time on our hands and finding interesting ways to entertain 5 kids who want to have "fun". Here are some highlights:

The trampoline. It has only caused 1 split lip, 1 almost broken foot which hurt so bad we had to go to the Emergency room for x-rays, 1 almost broken knee, and too many fights to be counted...

Steve on constant "Di-a-b'-t-is" watch with Sue on alarm for PROTEIN at any given moment...

Sharalyn making me help her with the turkey (it was my first time) and telling me the neck was actually the pee pee. Who knew right?

Buying tickets for the whole family to go see the ICE show knowing it would only be 9 degrees inside and deciding to wear flip flops any ways. (And dressing Fletch in shorts and a T shirt!)
*Side note- I used to think being frozen to death would be the way to go. I hear you get so cold, you actually then get warm and fall asleep and then it's over. 16 minutes in the ICE show has changed my minds about this...

Sharalyn waking me up at 7 in the morning telling me we need to go to The Walmart. The only form of me "getting ready" that day consisted of me putting a bra on.

Sharalyn and I deciding to go on a long run together and her coming downstairs telling me it was 33 degrees outside that morning. I can handle it I thought. WRONG. I've never been so cold in my life- or so I thought...Later that day, we went to the ICE show and proved that I could be colder

And last, we have Lennix and Fletcher who have found LOVE this trip around. We found them in the bath soaping each other up while hugging and kissing and Fletcher telling "Whinny" to touch it because it tickles. At least it's not longer Pinchy Pinchies and Bite-y Bites.

Just thought I would capture a sweet moment with my dad. I knew we were more alike than he realized! Cant be good for his bad case of the SUGARS right?


Amy said...

Texas RULZ!!! Well most of the time!! I glad you had so much fun!

Stephanie said...

we need some pictures to go along with the stories! - sounds like a blast.