Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sometimes Barney's right...

This morning I laid on the couch and watched some Barney with Lennix. I know, I know- I'm such a good mom. So the story line went like this:
Barney's friend Baby Bop had this flower that she loved so much. She watered it, and took care of it and then one day, she came to the garden and the flower had died. Which obviously made Baby Bop really sad. Barney decided to cheer her up by singing her a song. (duh) I swear- I think he was singing directly to me! Here are the words:

When we lose something we love
It can be hard to let it go.
But learning how to say goodbye
Is another way we grow.
No matter what happens
There's always tomorrow
To bring in the sunshine
And wash out the sorrow.
With friends you can count on
And people you love
You'll feel better
When tomorrow comes.
You may feel sad down inside
It's okay to let it show
These feelings that you are feeling
Will surely come and go.

I wish tomorrow would hurry up and come soon! At the end of the song, Baby Bop said again how sad she was and her "friends" asked Barney what they could do for her. Barney's reply? "Sometimes, all we can do is be a friend." Barney's got it right!


payneinthe... said...

Ah the untold wisdom that is Barney. Inspirational. My personal favorite "if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a world that would be"

Steve and Janelle said...

Thanks for that.

Kate said...

Leave it to our children (and Barney) to remind us of simple truths in sad times.