Monday, February 4, 2008

Shout out #4

This may come to a surprise to some. I love The Melting Pot. Something about it's dark, sultry decor or the fact that dinner takes you about 3 hours to cook and consume- just makes me melt (no pun intended) inside. We make sure that we only go here to celebrate something super special so that makes me love it THAT much more. I only have happy, good memories of when I think of this place! Melting Pot- you are SO much more than just a fondue restaurant. You my friend, are a f-U-ndue restaurant! I love you.


carly said...

this comes as no surprise to me!

Steve and Janelle said...

Sadly I have never been....I have been talking about going since it opened. How long has that been?

Amber said...

This is great fun Shannon, thanks for sharing. I share many similar loves, and I am always down for some new ones.