Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shout out # 6

My miracle worker. There are so many words I could use to describe the way I feel about my doctor that helped me get pregnant with Lenni. "Love" doesn't even come close. He was an answer to so many prayers and I believe was brought into my life by the guidance of our Heavenly Father. Infertility is such a scarey, frustrating, humiliating, hopeless thing to have to deal with. It seemed so cruel that here we were wanting to do something good and bring a child into this world and yet, we faced so many obstacles to get there. My life is sweeter because of my doctor. My heart has been softened for those women who are going through what I have been through because of this doctor. Every time a cycle would fail- he would hug me and let me cry on his shoulder until I didn't have any tears left. When I told him time and time (and time) again that I was DONE and I couldn't do it anymore, he looked at me and smiled and went ahead and scheduled the next appoitment. I remember when I miscarried- I thought of him. I called him and he cried with me. I love everyone that works there. When I say it took an army to get Lenni here- I'm not joking. The nurses, doctor, embryologist, anesthesiologist, receptionist, financial director, cycle coordinator, etc.....they all hold a special and HUGE spot in my heart!


alan & brandi said...

Thanks for your inspirational message, Shannon! Not sure if you knew I read your blog on occasion, but I do! Anyway, infertility is NOT fun and I am grateful for all of the miracles I have seen that give me so much hope! Thanks!

gingerdee said...

what an awesome profession, to be part of the process of assisting a couple in becoming parents. I'm sure they see both devastating heartbreak and uncontainable elation from one appointment to the next. I'm sure they have miraculous stories to tell and I'm so happy your story is one of success! happy almost-birthday Lennix!