Friday, July 11, 2008

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Where has the time gone? As I sit here looking at a blank computer screen- I wonder why time has to fly by so fast. As many of you (faithful blog readers) know- I made a hasty decision last Thursday to fly out to Texas and spend a week with the Edmunds. I booked a flight for Lennix and I (thank you for the gift card Pam) and we were on our way. I had to juggle her, the back pack, and a carry on as we headed to wait for our plane. I decided to sit her ON the carry on and roll it along. She sat there with one hand tightly gripping the handle and the other one waving to everyone that passed by. This girl was in her element!!

We made it to Texas without a hitch and were quickly thrown into Sharalyns whirl wind she calls "just another day." There was soccer practice, basketball camp, cheer, tumbling, swim lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, indoor soccer games, basketball games, doctors appointments, hair cuts and art. (and this was all before Wednesday!!) These kids do it all- and do it all- VERY WELL I might add. Sharalyn has this down to a flippin science. Lennix and I were just happy to be along for the ride! Poor baby hasn't got more than an hour long nap since we got here!

This morning Sharaly and I scheduled her surgery for an elective procedure she is having which means....I get to stay another week in Texas! The only (yes ONLY) downside to this is that I will miss both my boys back home for another week. But I am needed and I like that feeling. I have already made a calendar of events that I cannot mess up or else things could get a little crazy around here. Hopefully between Ben and I- we can do the work of one very busy Mom.

Lennix has been having a blast out here. She walks around this house looking at things just like I do. I could look at Shar's hard wood floor for hours they are that beautiful. She is fascinated by Fletcher too. Who isn't though? They hug and cuddle and he takes the best care of her. Even when she pinches him, he tells her in his cute little voice- "No bay-e Wennx, soft and sweet. wemember?" To which she runs to him and flashes that crooked tooth (maybe it IS from the pacifier after all Ginger!) smile at him and they stop to hug it out one more time. I was talking to Jared about their special relationship and he brought up the fact that maybe they were in Heaven together and their friendship started long before they came to this earth. You see, Shar and I tried to get pregnant at the same time. Needless to say, Lennix's trip was slightly postponed. I can just picture them about to come down to Earth being best buddies and then boom- Fletch gets called and Lennix has to wait. The bond these two have is unique and special and I'm grateful that I get to be a witness to these special moments in her life.

Tonight we have plans to go out with Dr. C. Kieth Grisham. (yes, it really is C. Kieth) Other wise knows as: Sharalyns gynecologist. Kind of strange that we are "friends" with him, but he's always up for a good time and well- we are a good time. He asked if we like French food. I looked at Shar who sat there looking right back at me and I answered, "we like french fries, and french bread, and french dressing." Straight out of Better off Dead but I dont think he got it.

Other than what I have mentioned- things have been pretty low key around here. I miss Kody more and more everyday but he sounds great when I talk to him so I'm staying strong. Only a few more weeks! We are going on another cruise at the end of this month for Kodys birthday and we are looking forward to that a lot. Swimming with the dolphins, buffet breakfasts and lunches- what else could we ask for? Then it's onto the Hambly Family Fun Filled Weekend starting August 7th. The Blixer II will be held at Seqouia park so we can all bring our kids and meet all these little humans we always read about. Maybe a BBQ and some games or something. If you have any suggestions- let them be heard because we're up for anything. Invite who ever you want (as long as they Blog). The more the merrier- that's what the Hamblys always say!!! We dont really say that. If you are a blurker- here's your chance to be known. Invite that person you secretly lurk and who knows- maybe you'll be friends afterwards. Maybe.


gingerdee said...

you're still in TX??? when am I going to see you? I'm having shannon withdrawls! at least I can read about your life on your blog. I just updated mine...finally!
I told IS from her pacifier. :P
enjoy your time with your sister and call me when your life slows down or sooner!

Jennifer Knight said...

Have fun during your extra week in TX. I change planes there Thurs. AM on the way to Utah (AGAIN! UGH!) so I will smile and wave and pray you can get it all done!

I love how you write - esp. "He's always up for a good time and well- we are a good time."

Maybe Justin do the "Ice Ice Baby" thing at the Blixer II, since my husband is demanding me home for the month of August. Bummer!