Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why did the banana go to the doctors?

Random post- but I had a lot of pics I have been meaning to get up and never got around to doing it because I have been so busy these days. You know, traveling the world and all...We have settled back into a steady routine now that we're home but I'm sad to say- our routine is without Kody. We're giving this "summer vacation at Dad's house" our best shot and he's doing good so far. I try my best to put on a brave face and not let him catch my tears falling but I miss the kid! Our house just isn't the same without him and it makes us all a little sad. He's the jokster, the heart, the warmth, the funny, the sweetness that makes my home my favorite place to be and I ache for him to come home. I look at the calendar and count the days till "normal" is once again part of my life. Onto brighter things...

This pics was taken the last day of school and even though he is making the most ridiculous face- I LOVE it! His teacher called each child to the front of the classroom and shared her favorite things about each child. For Kody she said:
Meet Kind hearted Kody, who's always a friend
To anyone who gets in a bind
Even when his thoughts wonder off into space
His heart's always close behind.

Where did my little baby girl go? She is 100% go go go 100% of the time. Any one who has been around her can attest to that!! My heart is torn between being happy and sad that she is growing up. I miss the snuggles, the falling asleep in my arms, the baths in a chair, the "feeding" her...all those things. But with each thing she "stopped" doing- she is learning something new! She no longer snuggles- just a quick hug between stops from here to there. Now it's just "Ready for bed?" and we march into the room and she falls asleep by herself. Prefers a shower over a bath and uses a fork for EVERYTHING! Almost makes me want to walk down that horrible road called IVF again. Almost.

This is a picture of Robbie the Rabbit's namesake. I had to add it.


Out with the old- in with the new! Time for a visit with Jena. (Who is so fabulous and talented.) I told her to take me as blonde as I could go without my hair falling into the sink and I think she did a fantastic job! No breakage- and no orange color. Back view. Still growing the A line out a little but it works! If you need a great hairstylist- she is HIGHLY recommended. She works at this fantastic salon named P!ay Hair Lounge in Simi Valley. (Those are Scott's paintings in the background too in case you were wondering. Long explanation that I think most of you have already heard.)

Onto cruise pics. This is me and Casanova the Camel in Cairo, Egypt. You can see how close the city is in the background to the desert.

Jared and his "jockey". I don't know who's ass that is in the background.

What you don't see in this picture is that they made the camels kiss too. Would have made for a cute pic but hey- they weren't Nikon experts. They only charged us 2 Euro ($3.12 American dollars) for taking the pic! That was a bargain that day!

How often am I ever going to take a picture with that kind of background. Just goes to show how close together everything was. And yes, that is a fedora I am wearing!

Let me apologize in advance for the mascara running down my face but this was an absolute must to add! This is Stephanie and I after the infamous Turkish bath house. Notice the way they put the towels on our head and the picnic type cover ups we are wearing.

Jared and I in Mykonos, Greece. On the other side of this hill is where "Super Paradise Beach" is located. Looking back through my pictures I see how beautiful Greece really is. It is mandatory for the houses to be painted white as long as you can see them from the water. (It's an island- so basically-this means every house!)The only thing that separated the houses was the blue trim. Some had deep hues, and others were almost a baby blue. Personally- I would pick an aqua but that's just me!

Last but not least is a group pic of the family at the Acropolis. Notice- Pam is missing. ?? I have no clue who took this pic or where she is. I am almost certain she is standing next to April but no where to be seen. From left to right: Jesse, Kent, Jared, me, Josh (behind), Lauren, Stephanie, Jason, Eric (behind), and April. And then Pam. I think.


redstarmama said...

There are almost too many great things in this post to comment on them all.
1. Your kids are stinkin' cute.
2. Your hair is adorable. I like the length.
3. Casanova and the "ass in the background" crack me up.
4. The running mascara makes you look like an Egyptian. Very appropriate for the setting.

Beardall Family said...

Yeah! Finally some photos. Love every one. I want to go to Greece. And of course the pyramids too. Riding a camel would be pretty sweet too. Hope you had a good time!

carly said...

your cruise looks like so much fun! oh the miles clan! i sure do miss them! and your hair by the way looks so good! i chopped off my hair but it doesn't look that good! and good luck in texas!