Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Click it or ticket

You know you are behind on your blogging when you have to actually list it on your "to do" list in numerical order to keep everything straight. I am going to do my best to fill in all the holes but if I miss something- please be a forgiving reader! So where have we been? Why haven't we been blogging? To be honest, I feel like I have had the busiest summer of my life and yet I feel like I haven't really been doing much of anything. It's a good thing I've been faithful at taking pictures or I would have no proof of the things I have done. Here we go: Our summer.

At the end of June I got to see Shalayna and her family for a quick visit since they were out for her cousins wedding. Yea for family or we would barely see each other at all! For those of you who don't know Shalayna let me give you a quick recap: First of all, I think she is fantastic. She has 5 (yes 5) babies and is married to a cop out in AZ we call Jason. I have known her since 7th grade and can honestly say I love this girl and her family (both directly and extended) so so much! She is my best smelling friend hands down and always keeps it real. Two very important things you need in a friend right? We have had 2 babies within weeks of eacht other and there is no one I would rather be pregnant with. She is funny and smart and loyal and so thoughtful. She is always there for me despite the busy schedule she keeps and really listens to me. She is a great friend and I'm grateful to have her in my life! So there you have a little sneak peek of Shalayna. Here we are at my house (notice I didn't even shower for her! gross I know!) with Lennix and Kylah. Best Friends Forever!

Next we have the newest purchase we have made for Lennix. Her very first bicycle seat! We went back and forth between seat vs. trailer (please do not share your opinion because the purchase has already been made) and finally made our decision when we saw her wearing her little helmet. How stinking cute is this? It has made our "family bike rides" a lot easier and a lot more frequent. Now if only I could find her a little cup holder attachment for her slurpee!

July seems to have been on big blur filled with some of the best and worst moments of my life. I got to spend the first half in Texas with my sister and her family. Despite what some people may think- we even got a long the whole time! So much so, that I extented my trip and helped her recover from her "voluntary procedure". No one makes me laugh harder or louder than my sister. She is truly my best friend and I am so grateful for the rock she has been to me these past few weeks.

I have debated about writing publicly about what happened next. It is not because I don't want to share my feelings about it, but I am still trying to sort it all out in my head as it is. July 20th one of my best and closest friends Ginger passed away while sleeping in her home. Her and I have had a great friendship and I know it will continue even without her here on this earth. A lot of people have asked me what I feel about what happened, and here are some of the things I want to mention: Yes, my head knows that I will see her again. Yes, I know that this is all part of my Heavenly Fathers plan. Yes, I know that I will get through this. But despite all of this "knowing", it doesn't make it hurt any less. There has not been a day that has gone by that I do not think about Ging. Her laugh, her smile, her looooong toes, her kids, her goals that she set for running etc...I've got all those memories in my heart and that's where I'll keep them. I have been blessed to still maintain a friendship with Jason and although it seemed strange at first to be "his friend" now, he has brought me a peace and comfort I have not been able to find otherwise. This picture was taken at the Cuillards last Halloween Party and yes, Ging is dressed as Britney Spears. I love it! I miss her more everyday but am grateful for the chance I get to be around her family and her kids and for the lessons she taught me while here. I will take her example with me for the rest of my life! I love you Ging.

At the end of July we celebrated Kody's 8th birthday at Scotts Fire Station out in Santa Monica! What we thought was going to be a "small family get together" turned out to be one of the most fun days of my life! We got there just in time for the small earthquake to hit and send the whole station into "earthquake mode". Who knew there was even such a thing. One hour later of watching Finding Nemo in some of the largest Lazy Boys you've ever seen- and it was time to party!

Everyone got to get up on the truck, in the truck, and by the truck. The guys Scott works with were fantastic! So friendly and helpful and very polite. Even with Sharalyn barking out orders for them to bring her a Diet Coke and do some push ups! Then the balloons came out. And it was a whole different kind of party. These guys work hard when they have to but trust me when I say- they know how to have a good time when time permits! We had over 200 balloons to throw and we used EVERYONE of them! I don't think anyone made it out dry that day! One of the most special things that happened that day was Kody being allowed to go up the ladder with Scott. 95 feet of pure panic for me below! Thank you Station 37 for making this day so special for our family. And trust me when I say- we will be back for MY birthday!

Begining of August we had our Annual Hambly Family 5K. Commissioner Janelle did not disappoint this year! We usually have a guest speaker but this year Janelle had us go around and share our feelings about the 5K. Over and over again we heard how important "family" was. Even the little kids talked about how special it was to them. It was an amazing feeling to be standing there next to people I love so much. In past years, it has been about who was going to come in third. (behind Scott and Casey) but this year, it was all about being together. Jared and I ran with Kody and Macey (while Jared pushed Lenni in the jogger stroller) and had a record time. 3.21 miles in 27 minutes! Afterwards we all gathered together for some great food and swimming. Not to mention the Luv Bug Cookie Cake that was specially made for us! The shirts were a combination of drawings done by the kids and we all wore black polka dot ribbons to honor Ging. It was a perfect night!

The next day we loaded up in the cars and headed out to Temecula for Kodys baptism. It meant so much to us that our family would make this long trip just to show their support. Although it was louder than most baptisms I have been to, the spirit was just as strong and you could feel the love surrounding Kody. I am always amazed at how special this kid is. He is loved by so many! I think it was in my dads talk he referred to Kody as the "link" between so many people. This kid has such a loving heart it is not hard to see his purpose to "link" families together! Thank you to everyone who came out. After the baptism we went to dinner at Pat and Oscars and ate some of the best bread sticks I have ever eaten in my life! I am still dreaming of them.

And that brings us to this week. Everyone take a deep breath, I'm almost done. Patriots football. Why didn't anyone warn me?? 5 days a week. 2 and a half hours. Games on Saturday. YIKES! But the kid loves it and really- what else am I going to do with my time? There are so many things I need to be doing, but when I sit there in the great weather, watching Kody do something he loves- there is no where I'd rather be! Whew- done. No you know why I haven't been blogging. I've been with my family. It's my favorite place to be!


Lauren said...

Yay, more posts to read...thought you fell off the face of the your text, thanks...I'm glad Kody's baptism was a success...TTYS...

Shalayna said...

You're the BEST!!!! And I am so glad that I smell good :) I wished we lived closer....Love you!

Amy said...

Hey there!
I am so glad we have reconnected. Please visit and say HI.
Thank you so much for you words of encouragement. I so needed them tonight! I miss the ward back home.

Can I add you so my blog list?

redstarmama said...

Wow, I almost feel like I was right there with you ! ;)
It was so fun to see you and everyone last weekend.
And I love your hair. And your baptism dress. So cute.

Shad Hopkins Photography said...

How's my buddy Kody doing? Congrats on the baptism Kody! TCBY is da bomb!