Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is work today?

It's Monday morning and I call Juli to see what she's up to for the day. She invites us to join her and her family to Lake Castaic for the day. Hmmm...very tempting. I call Jared and mention it to him. He's in. Literally- 5 minutes later- we are in the car heading to the lake to meet them.
How lucky are we to have friends like this? They let us crash their party AND let us take endless turns on the wake board and the tube without complaint. Thank you Hull family for inviting us. Your boat is awesome (I expected nothing less)and can't wait to do it again!

I was a little worried about how Lennix would do on the boat. Boy was that a waste of time- she LOVED it!! She stood at the back of the boat and waved to whoever was riding in the water for hours. She would stick her head out the side (kind of like a dog riding in the car) and waited to have the water splash on her face. She was in HEAVEN!

Hunter and Kody on the Rock and Roll. Kody said several times that "this was the best day of his life!" Even told me that Shane was "his favorite person in the world!" The smile you see in this picture didn't come off his face until we left the parking lot and headed home. We nicknamed him PermaGrin for the day!

A true friend will go on the tube even when she doesn't want to. Thanks Juli for taking one for the team! We went with Shaylee (mostly because I knew that if we had her with us- Shane would go slower...)and had a blast. The rule was- if you had a wiener- you weren't allowed on. Gotta love the dialogue that comes out when our families are together!

Here's another one with Juli and Lennix. Even though Lennix has the weirdest face in the picture- I thought it was a great picture and shows off how cute Juli's bathing suit is. Her fashion sense is second to none. Even in "Lake wear!" I am grateful to have such a beautiful friend inside and out. We have one of those priceless friendships that most aren't lucky to ever have in their life. I remember when I first saw her in our ward 5 years ago- I was so excited that someone moved into our ward who dressed cute. As shallow and simple as it sounds- I was just excited to have someone to finally shop with! Little did I know how close our families were going to come. I have nothing but love for her and her family (yes, even Shane!) Thanks for the best Monday of the summer Hull family! Looking forward to many more "days off" with you guys.

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Juli said...

Ohh Shanna, what a nice post! Thanks for the compliments, esp. about my fashion sense coming from you, the one who has a perfect, planned out outfit in her head just waiting to be purchased & worn.
Maybe this friendship based on looks is not so healthy! ;-) Love Ya! and glad you guys came!