Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm cheating...

It's true. As many faithful blog readers know- I have been a huge fan of the PBerry for a while now but, something has come into my life as of late and it's better. Not to mention 12 minutes closer to my house, has more cereal toppings to choose from (hello Cinnamon Toast Crunch!) and the PERFECT mix of cold/creamy/ice cream.
Out with the old:

Let me introduce you to the "other" yogurt. Red Mango. After doing some research, I have found that PB is actually a knock off of Red Mango. Go figure! I always pride myself of being loyal to those closest to me, but well, I am human and yogurt is yogurt. I like that it's not as well known as PB and I can actually sit down and eat it. It doesn't have the cool "walk of fame" like PB does in the Westlake shopping center, which means my days of sitting outside and finding something wrong with every person that walks out are over. But that's ok. Northdridge has it's own good things to offer. Jared and I went lastnight (they stay open until 11!!!) and I felt like I was watching the Olympics. Sorry PB...Red Mango is just plain better.
In with the new:


Lauren said...

Isn't it funny how fickle we can be...We have Tops Yogurt here in EG and it is by far the best we have been to, but I guess we'll have to try these wierd fruity named yogurt places when we come down...Do you remember Penguins?

carly said...

whats funny is that there is a Red Mango in Salt Lake and all over the store / their advertisments they say "the biggest yogurt in LA" and i was like "hum...last time i went home everyone was talking about pinkberry...."