Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little convo...

The conversation Lennix and I had this morning...

Lennix: Mommy me? (handing me a wooden surfboard she found in the bag from our race this weekend)
Me: Okay. Here, hand it to me and I'll open it for you.
Lennix: Mommy, i eat?
Me: No, Lennix you cant eat that.
Lennix: MOMMY, I EAT!
Me: NO Lennix, you cant eat that!
Lennix: Mommy, why? (more like wwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyy????)
Me: Because it's wood.
Lennix: Oh. Okay. And then she took a bite. (it was cheap wood I guess)

seriously. where did the time go? When did she learn to question things in life? (a trait about her I will cherish FOREVER!) Life with this girl gets more goofy and wonderful with each passing day.


Juli said...

i have been waiting for a new post for a while now! :) I'm so glad she's finally warming up to me, because she's a funny one.....can't wait for #3! luv ya!

Lauren said...

She's so cute! I wanna see more pix of her!

Robert and Natalie said...

too adorable for words :)

carly said...

i love your conversations with your kids! they are always hilarious. i can't wait until Cru says funny things! ps, lets do lunch when i move home! oh and pps, this picture of lennix is MORE than adorable.